Yelp Redesign: Nearby Places


Yelp Redesign: Nearby Places

As a design challenge, Yelp asked me to redesign one of their core features. I chose to rethink the Nearby Places mobile interface. I began by dissecting the preexisting feature, identifying key issues, and creating a refreshed design that remains within their brand structure.

Identifying Issues


  • Eliminated search bar.
  • Attached categories to top bar and introduced horizontal scroll to use the space more efficiently.
  • Created a new “business card” design, with square images so that regardless of whether the image is portrait or landscape oriented, it will look great.
  • Reduced the shadowing on the images.
  • Added whether or not business is open – usually one of the first things a user wants to know. Having to click through to the business’s page to find out is a paint point.

Solutions Continued

  • Added option to filter – this seems more appropriate than search function here.
  • Header bar reduces in height when scrolling down.
  • Changed the “see more” button – it felt a little awkward before.