The epidemic of the honeybee population

honeybee population

I designed this poster series/installation to raise awareness about the epidemic of the honeybee population. I came across an article about worldwide pollinator decline in National Geographic and found the issue both terrifying and intriguing. Human pesticide use is the primary cause for the rapid decline of bees; therefore I attempted to capture the disease and death plaguing one of our world’s most important natural resources.

The first poster lists all of the pesticides tht are highly toxic to bees.

Text on the second poster: Total losses of managed honeybee colonies worldwide were 31.1{8ad704544c47ae2c27d468ee419821e98a5ee8f95efcd8fb77bf9f9449d5e72b} from all causes for the 2012/2013 winter, according to the annual survey conducted by the Bee Informed Partnership and the Apiary Inspectors of America (AIA) and funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA). More than 6,000 U.S. beekepers responded to the survey. Those beekeepers manage about 600,000 colonies, which represent nearly 22{8ad704544c47ae2c27d468ee419821e98a5ee8f95efcd8fb77bf9f9449d5e72b} of the country’s estimated 2.62 million colonies.

For the next phase of this project, we were asked to create an installation to either raise awareness or propose a solution. I glued bees all over the threshold of our studio so that viewers would have to step on the bees, inciting the guilt that us humans should feel over our treatment of bees.