Sincerely is an app that helps users find perfect gifts

perfect gifts




Sincerely is an app that helps users find perfect gifts for everyone on their list, and stay on top of their gift-giving so they’ll never miss an occasion. I designed this for the person who wants to discover gifts that are curated for their specific recipient. Users can also browse specially curated collections, find all their friends and loved ones with Facebook/Contacts integration, keep track of their gift purchasing, and add their own gift ideas.


When they sync with Facebook or their contacts, users can find friends and either choose to set reminders for upcoming occasions or create a new list specifically for them. forgetting a gift is now a thing of the past!

The Gift Wizard will curate a selection of fantastic gift ideas when the user provides information about their recipient – what they like to do, what their interests are, and their personality traits. The user can also make sure to stick to their budget by specifying a price range.


Users can make organized “lists” to collect gift ideas for a specific recipient or event. They can also create their own “wish lists” of what they want, and share them with family and friends.

When one taps on an item, they can choose to add it to a list, make a purchase, view similar items, and see other lists that contain it.

I also mocked up a quick landing page for a potential web presence, encouraging people to download.