A New Way to Binge Watch all Your Favorite Movies

With the increase of online streaming media, we see a number of free online movie streaming apps. Just a single click or a touch of a button will get all your favorite movies and TV series in one place. The best part of these kinds of apps that you don’t have to wait for anything, you can start streaming anywhere and anytime you want.

Viu app – one of the best live streaming apps have redefined the whole idea of entertainment. Watch movies online easily with the user-friendly interface of this app and navigate quickly. This app brings you thousands of TV series, Bollywood movies, reality shows on your phone. You can watch any one of them by either downloading them or streaming live with just minimal efforts. With endless access to full movies without any disturbance in between, you can enjoy your favorite movie with the help of this app.

Here is why people get the best use of Viu app:

Stream on-the-go

Viu has some of the best collections of TV series and movies. Choose and stream from a full library of new and iconic hits of the latest movies. Viu has seamless streaming and optimized for an endless viewing experience. Wide range of Telugu movies, Tamil movies. Get hooked on movies from your favorite directors around the world. Viu presents the best of popular Hollywood and Asian entertainment. From the most exciting Viu Originals to the sensual Hollywood blockbusters and binge-worthy TV series – Viu has it all for you.

Download Your Favorites

Easily download Hindi movies with just a touch of a button and enjoy uninterrupted viewing experience on this app. The Movie Archive is constantly updated with more movie titles from the classics to new DVD Releases. No installation or extra hardware required. You do not need to be computer experienced to download and watch movies from the website.

Economic Mode of Entertainment

One of the biggest concerns of viewers would be whether to take a TV cable connection, set-top box or rent movies, doing all of these would cost a lot in your monthly budget. Viu app considers that as a priority and offers you clean and budget-friendly plans so you need not invest in any other mode of entertainment. You can directly download and watch movies online with the help of this app and enjoy streaming as per your likes and preferences.

Most Suited Option

Earlier you had to watch the already organized program for you, but Viu has changed the whole scenario. Get all the movies listed in different genres of your taste and watch them online. You also have an option to download the content from the app. With over thousands of collection, download Telugu movies, Tamil movies, Hindi movies on the go.

Viu is the best streaming partner you’d ever get who would fit in your pocket. It comes with a great number of collections of new movies. Also, get to see some really good movies that you have missed so far. Watch full movies without ads in between. Set up a free account and log in where you left off on any device.