App Store Optimization Tips and Tricks to Get More Downloads

With the immense increase in the utilization of smartphones, app developers are into building new apps. Now, building up an app is simple, we realize that simply building an application won’t pull in users to download your app. You need to initially take a shot at increasing visibility. To get visibility for your app, you need to use the tricks involved in app store optimization services.

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Here are a few methods to follow to improve the visibility using ASO:

Researching keywords

Like SEO, even ASO has keywords as an essential factor of visibility. You need to look into the keywords altogether so you can have the right one for your app. A decent mobile app marketing expert can help you in getting the right keywords for your application. There are a couple of top ASO services India who can help you to discover legitimate keywords. Some of the tricks that the app store optimization services use for keywords search are: 

  • The keyword ought to be simple like every common user search. 
  • The name of the app ought to be similar to the functions of your app. 
  • It relies upon the number of searches.

Improving Description

After keywords, the most significant factor for visibility guaranteed by App Store Optimization is the app description. It is said that the app description builds the value of the app so it can get a high amount of visibility. For making the description such strong, you need to incorporate the potential keywords in the description. In the same way, the description should contain details of the services that the users will acknowledge on installing the app on their phones.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings are completely the reactions of the user on how well your app is working. More the rating higher will be positive reviews. This can increase the nature of the app in the store. Developers should encourage their users to review their app and try to solve all issues faced by users as quickly as possible.


Depending upon your app and your target group, it is really a good idea to localize your app and all the contents of our app. The most fundamental things you have to do is to sort out and optimize keywords for each region you have. Doing as such enables you to help individuals discover your app in their neighborhood app store. If you’ve at last chosen to localize your app, you would be advised to do some research, find out what are the peculiarities of app design and marketing in the region you’re planning to operate in.

App store optimization has proven to be the best app marketing strategy that is being practiced by many of the developers, it is a non-stop process and you must keep optimizing by making as many as experiments on your app listing in order to increase the visibility of an app. Take help from experts to optimize your app, you can find a lot of ASO services India which will provide you with the right set of tools in order to increase the visibility of an app and thereby increasing the number of downloads.