The artist book with the artist’s innermost self

artist book


I have always associated the artist book with the artist’s innermost self. In my life, I have lived in ten different homes in four different places. When people ask me where I’m from, I can never give a straight answer—I don’t really feel like I truly belong to one specific place. Throughout my itinerant life, I have always kept journals—they are the only things that have kept me feeling grounded to something. For my final project, I created “HOME”; a series of four books. I used a very simple CMYK color palette throughout the entire piece.

I painstakingly charted my many residences across the entire country, from New York to California. The maps are accompanied by texts from my diaries and images of the different places I’ve lived; as well as routes, diagrams, labels, and other elements.

Clockwise from top left: Larchmont, New York; New York City, Prep school in western Massachusetts; San Francisco, California

I built a lipped clamshell box to house the books.