10billion android market downloads

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Android market growth can be easily accessed through the digit 10billion. Even 1billion is a very big or huge measurement. Android users are spread all across the globe and the downloads of application are done on daily basis. And when we talk about speed, its pace of increment is magnificent and increasing day by day more than previous. Android market has eexceeded10billion downloads having growth rate of 1billion app downloads per month.

Google play store is the most trusted playstore in the world, which guarantees user with best services, unique products, harmless apps, no malware-viruses, frequent updates, guidance through review system, more than 1billion applications and lot more. And it is notified that people from all over download the app and at least 1bilion every month and still counting. People from 190countries download app every day.

Top 10categories from where people download the most are-


Entertainment, tools, communication, productivity, personalisation, music & audio, social, media, video, travel and local. Top most games downloads are arcade, casual, brain, racing games, cards, sports.

Unfortunately, reports say that Google is not only here to register 10billioin downloads but Apple got first place with 15billion downloads in 2011. But downloading of Android apps has increased in Android market more than Apple apps.

Report says that over 125applications that have been downloaded everyday for 1hundred million times and free applications with 1billion downloads. These are all Google play apps downloaded in unique devices and most of apps are owned by either Google or Facebook – Gmail, Google maps, youtube, facebook, Google search, Google hangouts, Google plus, whatsapp messenger,  Google chrome, Google play games, messenger, Google play books etc.

These days developers upload their app too frequently and user gets confused as to download which of the app, here comes marketing strategies to achieve or become part of the above given android app downloads within a short time and register a significant place and recognised downloads with ratings and buy android app reviews.

It all depends on your marketing budget. There are many marketing channels that don’t require any kind of investments but can provide you facility by marketing or promoting your app and increase no. of downloads simultaneously through email, social media, communities, public relation, and App store optimization.

The most effective way of promoting an app is paid advertising. To have a successful campaign, one have to select company and buy in according to budget. The advertising campaign will be fruitful in bringing your app downloads.

To increase app downloads in the Google Playstore there are many ways like –


Android buy installs –


The more effective way to reach million of downloads is to have installs buy. It is efficient and promotes app downloads boost app rank and your app gets famous popular day by day with more of ratings and buy ios reviews.

You can buy ios installs for getting higher ratings, positive reviews, and better rankings and downloads. There are no. of sites which can help you get reviews, ratings and installs.

  • CPI-Droid
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Buy android app review –
buy app reviews

App reviews are backbone of every app, as it is complementing tool to app ratings. If app ratings are high but reviews are negative, it will give bad impression on potential customer. Along with positive ratings, positive reviews are very important

Some websites names are given below from where you can buy reviews .

  • Smoothreviews


Here system is like; you can get unlimited free reviews for your app by reviewing other apps. Here you review an app and earn points and you get a review for each point you earn for android as well as Apple.

  • Bestreviewapp


Here, a reviewer can create review and make money

  • Reviewapp4u


They have no. of applications user there to rate review your app easily. It can really help you with more of app downloads & increased ratings.

  • Applytics


They have more than 5 million app reviewers and over 30000 reviews on a daily basis they do reviews for android apps as well as Apple app store.

Keyword optimization –


Keyword installs can help you to get proper rankings for your app promotion and you can reach at your desired position. , an app developer has to use Keyword Installs to get desired rankings; it will bring you effective and rapid results. .There is paid as well non – paid installs but better you buy Paid keyword installs because Google consider Cpi calculations. Keywords install can easily boost your app within 8-10hours; yes its effect is immediate. You can buy keyword installs from various companies-

  • ASOeShop


ASOeShop will help you get lot of real users and no. of installs on per day basis with very reasonable expense and will bring you desired ranking on the Google Play Store. They have enormous geographical location.

  • Keenobi 

They provide keyword installs for android as well as iOS platform, with different retention rate policies targeting worldwide. It is an app. promotion company with other services too like reviews, ratings

  • top


Their service helps an app developer to get promotion for android apps. They offer no. of services- key rank boosts, reviews ratings, application installs. They offer reasonable prices to buy and quick service.

  • Appran


They provide keyword power up, buy app reviews, app installs, app ratings, multiple keywords quick results, easy to track, life users. They provide cheap promotional services for all kinds of Android app developers.

Android app ratings-


Ratings are targeted as the first thing to notice overall situation of app comes through ratings, so first job of an app developer is to increase ratings anyhow to give it a push but only ratings rise .

Update and improve your app-


Try to innovate your app with some new functions and utility service. As an Android user always look for the best so he will never rest himself by downloading and keeping your app for lifetime , this is alarming situation so it is necessary to update your app with amazing features and improve existing ones, it keeps users enthusiastic .