How to improve our app installs in 2018?

2017 was an incredible year for the app market. The App Market expanded many fold and so did the revenue. 2018 is expected to be bringing more opportunities for the developers. The number of competitors are going to increase as well as the opportunities to earn more as the market is increasing.
Getting app installs is a tough task and an important one too. After all this is the real business. The more the downloads, the better are your profits. Before we dive into the main topic, let us understand the scenario at the App Store.

The Scenario

When you submit your app in the App Store, you stand amongst a queue of around millions of apps. Each of these app developers work to make their app stand out of the crowd and to be one of the top apps in the App Store. In such a fierce environment, making profits is a really challenging task. Daily thousands of apps are moved out of the Play Store due to inactivity or other causes. Therefore one needs to be active and regularly move up if they want to sustain and the only way of doing that is by increasing app installs.

In this article, we will talk about the ways to increase app installs that you can use in 2018.

App Quality:

This is the foremost thing that needs to be ensured. You cannot people to use your product unless it’s the best. With so many competitors, you need to make sure that your app is the best product available in the market. Your app should be stable and there should be no bugs or crash issues. Not only that, your app should have all the features there is to offer in a particular segment. Work on your app design and UI, its icon and features. Keep providing updates for your app and also try introducing new features after every 2 months. This way you can keep your users interested in your app. User dissatisfaction can lead to a poor market for your app and this should be avoided at all costs.


You need to generate awareness amongst the users about your app. Get people to know about your app. This is the only way to ensure that your app is downloaded. There are a number of marketing strategies and you should be very careful in selecting the right plan. Invest some money on advertisements and contact marketing agencies to help you through the process. A good marketing plan can work wonders for your app.

Traditional Advertising:

Nothing can match promotion platforms like the old school traditional advertising. It involves the use of print media like newspaper, magazines and handouts to advertise and promote your app. It also includes the use of digital media like TV ads to promote your app. Creativity is the key in this. You need to attract a large number of people and you have a lot of options and facilities to choose from. Following the traditional approach boosts your visibility multi fold and also helps you to gain trust and good name among people.

Search Engine Optimization:


This is one of the most effective ways of promoting your app. Basically you optimize your app according to buzzing keywords and this increases the chances of your app coming in the top search results in search engines. SEO has been in use for a long time now. Developers depend on this for advertising and why not. SEO has tremendous potential to get you valuable users and to increase your app installs.

Video Teasers:


Videos are the new trend today. Very few people have the patience to go through newspapers or blogs and read the lengthy paras. Blogs, no doubt, are one of the best ways for promotion but not many people go through them. Videos, however have been found to indulge people. And that’s why video teasers are seen as the new mode of promotion for the masses. With a creative video and a fairly good content, you can target a large number of people and hence gain the publicity you were aiming for. The more people know about your app, the higher there will be chances of app installs.

Buy Android App Store Installs:


Yes, you heard it right. You can buy your Buy android installs. We know many of you would tell that it’s an unethical thing to do. Well, let us explain why this is a good step. As we said, it is extremely difficult for a new app to get downloads but this can be changed. If you Buy app installs, your app downloads will increase. This will do two things. One: your app downloads increases which helps your app to move up the app chart. And second: more number of downloads improves your app’s good name. People start trusting your app and once your app visibility increases, you are set to move up and up the app store chart.


10billion android market downloads

Android market growth can be easily accessed through the digit 10billion. Even 1billion is a very big or huge measurement. Android users are spread all across the globe and the downloads of application are done on daily basis. And when we talk about speed, its pace of increment is magnificent and increasing day by day more than previous. Android market has eexceeded10billion downloads having growth rate of 1billion app downloads per month.

Google play store is the most trusted playstore in the world, which guarantees user with best services, unique products, harmless apps, no malware-viruses, frequent updates, guidance through review system, more than 1billion applications and lot more. And it is notified that people from all over download the app and at least 1bilion every month and still counting. People from 190countries download app every day.

Top 10categories from where people download the most are-


Entertainment, tools, communication, productivity, personalisation, music & audio, social, media, video, travel and local. Top most games downloads are arcade, casual, brain, racing games, cards, sports.

Unfortunately, reports say that Google is not only here to register 10billioin downloads but Apple got first place with 15billion downloads in 2011. But downloading of Android apps has increased in Android market more than Apple apps.

Report says that over 125applications that have been downloaded everyday for 1hundred million times and free applications with 1billion downloads. These are all Google play apps downloaded in unique devices and most of apps are owned by either Google or Facebook – Gmail, Google maps, youtube, facebook, Google search, Google hangouts, Google plus, whatsapp messenger,  Google chrome, Google play games, messenger, Google play books etc.

These days developers upload their app too frequently and user gets confused as to download which of the app, here comes marketing strategies to achieve or become part of the above given android app downloads within a short time and register a significant place and recognised downloads with ratings and buy android app reviews.

It all depends on your marketing budget. There are many marketing channels that don’t require any kind of investments but can provide you facility by marketing or promoting your app and increase no. of downloads simultaneously through email, social media, communities, public relation, and App store optimization.

The most effective way of promoting an app is paid advertising. To have a successful campaign, one have to select company and buy in according to budget. The advertising campaign will be fruitful in bringing your app downloads.

To increase app downloads in the Google Playstore there are many ways like –


Android buy installs –


The more effective way to reach million of downloads is to have installs buy. It is efficient and promotes app downloads boost app rank and your app gets famous popular day by day with more of ratings and buy ios reviews.

You can buy ios installs for getting higher ratings, positive reviews, and better rankings and downloads. There are no. of sites which can help you get reviews, ratings and installs.

  • CPI-Droid
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Buy android app review –
buy app reviews

App reviews are backbone of every app, as it is complementing tool to app ratings. If app ratings are high but reviews are negative, it will give bad impression on potential customer. Along with positive ratings, positive reviews are very important

Some websites names are given below from where you can buy reviews .

  • Smoothreviews


Here system is like; you can get unlimited free reviews for your app by reviewing other apps. Here you review an app and earn points and you get a review for each point you earn for android as well as Apple.

  • Bestreviewapp


Here, a reviewer can create review and make money

  • Reviewapp4u


They have no. of applications user there to rate review your app easily. It can really help you with more of app downloads & increased ratings.

  • Applytics


They have more than 5 million app reviewers and over 30000 reviews on a daily basis they do reviews for android apps as well as Apple app store.

Keyword optimization –


Keyword installs can help you to get proper rankings for your app promotion and you can reach at your desired position. , an app developer has to use Keyword Installs to get desired rankings; it will bring you effective and rapid results. .There is paid as well non – paid installs but better you buy Paid keyword installs because Google consider Cpi calculations. Keywords install can easily boost your app within 8-10hours; yes its effect is immediate. You can buy keyword installs from various companies-

  • ASOeShop


ASOeShop will help you get lot of real users and no. of installs on per day basis with very reasonable expense and will bring you desired ranking on the Google Play Store. They have enormous geographical location.

  • Keenobi 

They provide keyword installs for android as well as iOS platform, with different retention rate policies targeting worldwide. It is an app. promotion company with other services too like reviews, ratings

  • top


Their service helps an app developer to get promotion for android apps. They offer no. of services- key rank boosts, reviews ratings, application installs. They offer reasonable prices to buy and quick service.

  • Appran


They provide keyword power up, buy app reviews, app installs, app ratings, multiple keywords quick results, easy to track, life users. They provide cheap promotional services for all kinds of Android app developers.

Android app ratings-


Ratings are targeted as the first thing to notice overall situation of app comes through ratings, so first job of an app developer is to increase ratings anyhow to give it a push but only ratings rise .

Update and improve your app-


Try to innovate your app with some new functions and utility service. As an Android user always look for the best so he will never rest himself by downloading and keeping your app for lifetime , this is alarming situation so it is necessary to update your app with amazing features and improve existing ones, it keeps users enthusiastic .…

Mobile marketing and business how to make it perform for you buy android downloads

In this era, Most of the people have Smartphone and each device contains different kinds of apps. Appstore has around 1million apps and it basically increases no. of apps with 20000 every month. There have been 50billion app downloads and over. Google play store itself has about 1million applications with billions of download every day. It shows that competition and demand for the competitive app have been increasing day by day. It’s a market with large user base for Android, Windows, and Apple.

Mobile marketing and business is not a new concept but these days emerging as a powerful tool like a magic wand which can change the total visibility of application and can appropriately boost it to rank at the top. It can improve no. of downloads, installs, can bring positive reviews and high ratings, and can ultimately take your app to the top featured list. But this all cannot happen at once.

Success of an app

The success of an app starts with making a great product, well designed, original app. The best app can’t do everything but it does well, very well. If your app base is good then follows will be much easier. Marketing is the important key only invention and upload is not the work of developer but he has to advertise, promote his app on different platforms. buy android app reviews and ratings are also an important aspect which gives an outlook of the app and shows inner condition if the owner doesn’t have proper reviews or ratings he can go for buying it from various websites but buy from only authentic ones, real providers should be considered only.  One can buy app downloads.

BUY app Downloads –

buy app downloads

Buying app downloads is one of the best measures and easy way to work on app popularity. It is one bow with no. of arrows as it makes fit everything like downloading the app, installing, reviews, ratings, search through keywords, rising rank all comes when the decision is taken to buy app reviews. App downloads are easy these days there are no. of entrepreneurs who take a task to buy Android downloads from other companies, they perform like a mediator. They deal with their customers.   This is helpful too because they are specialized in this field and very well aware of companies offering buying installs at different prices. So tension to buy installs is easily solved with intermediaries. It can also be performed by the developer.

Android buy installs –

You can buy real installs with real users and their phone devices where they will actually download your app and give higher ratings complementing with positive reviews.It does not only increases your no. of downloads of the app but also will improve rankings too.

There is no. of websites name which really can help you get buy ios reviews and ratings are-

  • CPI-Droid
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And many others you can afford with reasonable prices and effective work.

App promotions and marketing strategies

  1. Optimize your title

Simple, easy to spell, memorable, reflect brand and business, clearly define the work of app in easy and understandable, do not try to make it complicated as users basically run away from complicated and sophisticated apps.

  1. Right category in the app store

It is very important to place your app in the right category. If you are unsure as to place your app in which category you should try to place it at the most suitable and similar category. It doesn’t create any difficulty for users to reach.

  1. Keywords –

An app developer has to use Keyword Installs to get desired rankings; it will bring you effective and rapid results. No. of downloads of the various app is just due to app store simple searches. An app developer needs to find suitable Keywords for an app in organic searches. When you buy keyword app installs and you pay for installing it for promoting your app.There are paid as well non – paid installs but better you buy Paid keyword installs because Google considers Cpi calculations.When you buy Keyword installs you reach at the point in a very short span of time where you find your app with no. of installs. An app developer can consider buying keyword from

  1. Social media marketing

Online promotion through Facebook, Instagram. Post pictures of an app to highlight the features of business so potential users become aware of your app’s availability via their social profiles. Advertising through social media is greatly working these days.

  1. Create videos –

You can make a video properly introducing and showing functions at the same time how does it work. Videos are the best way to give demonstration to users. You can consider low budget promotional video. As on daily basis, 1billion videos are watched on facebook, videos are best to visualise and communicate as screenshots of application are only for more complications.

  1. Ask users for feedback –

Feedback is necessary not for only developer but for future users also. The higher are the ratings are the downloads chance. That’s why it is relevant to ask for reviews, you can ask them in person or by contacting them through mail. By resolving customer’s query you can make them happy and can develop your ratings positively.

  1. App updates and features –

Updates should be done frequently with new more useful tools and functions. This is because customers need to remain excited about new updates and it would ensure they don’t get bored and replace it with some other or delete the app.

  1. Ad networks –

Using an affiliate company to help you raise revenue. These companies can work for you and promote your banners. Ad company will publish app add with the target audience, it may take some time playing various ad networks before your decision of which one suits you in a better way. It can buy app ratings and push your app rankings.…

The epidemic of the honeybee population

I designed this poster series/installation to raise awareness about the epidemic of the honeybee population. I came across an article about worldwide pollinator decline in National Geographic and found the issue both terrifying and intriguing. Human pesticide use is the primary cause for the rapid decline of bees; therefore I attempted to capture the disease and death plaguing one of our world’s most important natural resources.

The first poster lists all of the pesticides tht are highly toxic to bees.

Text on the second poster: Total losses of managed honeybee colonies worldwide were 31.1% from all causes for the 2012/2013 winter, according to the annual survey conducted by the Bee Informed Partnership and the Apiary Inspectors of America (AIA) and funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA). More than 6,000 U.S. beekepers responded to the survey. Those beekeepers manage about 600,000 colonies, which represent nearly 22% of the country’s estimated 2.62 million colonies.

For the next phase of this project, we were asked to create an installation to either raise awareness or propose a solution. I glued bees all over the threshold of our studio so that viewers would have to step on the bees, inciting the guilt that us humans should feel over our treatment of bees.

The Crying of Dr. Faustus

The Crying of Dr. Faustus

This book combines the text of The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon (1966) and The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe (1604).
This is a typographic exploration of the analogous themes I have discovered in these two texts—themes of pride, death, ciphers, and the most prevalent I have found—the relentless pursuit of knowledge and its consequences.

New York Times Magazine Table of Contents Redesign

New York Times Magazine
Table of Contents Redesign

For this assignment for my Typography III class in Spring 2014, we had to redesign the contents page of the New York Times magazine. I decided to streamline the design, using a single typeface, reducing the amount of imagery, and eliminating the unnecessary lines.

Typography III
Instructor: Jan Fairbain
Spring 2014…

The artist book with the artist’s innermost self


I have always associated the artist book with the artist’s innermost self. In my life, I have lived in ten different homes in four different places. When people ask me where I’m from, I can never give a straight answer—I don’t really feel like I truly belong to one specific place. Throughout my itinerant life, I have always kept journals—they are the only things that have kept me feeling grounded to something. For my final project, I created “HOME”; a series of four books. I used a very simple CMYK color palette throughout the entire piece.

I painstakingly charted my many residences across the entire country, from New York to California. The maps are accompanied by texts from my diaries and images of the different places I’ve lived; as well as routes, diagrams, labels, and other elements.

Clockwise from top left: Larchmont, New York; New York City, Prep school in western Massachusetts; San Francisco, California

I built a lipped clamshell box to house the books.

Yelp Redesign: Nearby Places

Yelp Redesign: Nearby Places

As a design challenge, Yelp asked me to redesign one of their core features. I chose to rethink the Nearby Places mobile interface. I began by dissecting the preexisting feature, identifying key issues, and creating a refreshed design that remains within their brand structure.

Identifying Issues


  • Eliminated search bar.
  • Attached categories to top bar and introduced horizontal scroll to use the space more efficiently.
  • Created a new “business card” design, with square images so that regardless of whether the image is portrait or landscape oriented, it will look great.
  • Reduced the shadowing on the images.
  • Added whether or not business is open – usually one of the first things a user wants to know. Having to click through to the business’s page to find out is a paint point.

Solutions Continued

  • Added option to filter – this seems more appropriate than search function here.
  • Header bar reduces in height when scrolling down.
  • Changed the “see more” button – it felt a little awkward before.